Mobility Scooters: What’s in a Name?

Why oh why must suppliers re brand their scooters?  Take for example The Yellow Scooter Company. To start with I’m not sure why the direct marketers at Great British Mobility have decided to rebrand them selves as The Yellow Scooter Company, but anyway that is not what bothers me about this. What bothers me is when you look at their product range. A quick scan down their product listing shows a few familiar looking products: the ‘Panther L’ (Panther? Who comes up with these things?) is quite clearly a Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 4; the ‘Panther LX’ look suspiciously like Pride’s 4 mile per hour Colt Plus; the ‘Panther ZX’ is a Pride Colt Deluxe; and their flagship scooter, the imaginatively name ‘Panther ZR Sport’ is clearly a Pride Colt XL8.

Now it may be the Great British Mobility, sorry ‘The Yellow Scooter Company’ just were not at all happy with Prides cat free names (and if you are going to rename the products from a manufatcurer called pride surely you should use lion rather than panther)  but even so they should consider the effect it has on the consumer. If someone was considering the purchase of  a ‘Panther ZR Sport’ for example, they could search the internet for days on end and never find a review. They also will be unable to find any competitors offering the ‘Panther ZR Sport’ so will assume that the the price quoted is the best price available. Now it may be that Great British Mobility are offering the ‘Panther’ at a competitive price, I don’t know because I don’t want to send off for one of their brochures, however Pride scooters are some of the most widely available and their fore most competitively priced scooters on the market today. The Colt XL8 for example can be had for under £1,500 pounds if you shop around.

Now I am not suggesting that Great British Mobility are the only ones to do this, the vast majority of scooters that enter the country are re badged after manufacturer (TGA re-branding Afikim and Heartway scooters for example), but it is an annoying and confusing practice that the industry would do well to stamp out.

The Panther ZR Sport or Pride Colt XL8

Pride or Panther?


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