Days Strider ST6 Luxury Mobility Scooter

September 27, 2010

A new luxury mobility scooter is always something to make sit up and take note, and the new Days Medical Strider ST6 is no exception. The Strider ST6 is the flagship scooter in the all new Days Strider range (the range includ

Days Strider ST6 luxury mobility scooter

Days Strider ST6 luxury mobility scooter

es three travel scooters and three 8 mile an hour scooters) and is a real departure for Days Medical.  The Strider ST6 looks to be aimed squarely at the top of the market, competing  with the likes of the Afakim Breeze and the Heartway Royale, although at a slightly lower price point. Like the Heartway scooter the Strider has very modern, striking looks; the fairing has the swept back triangular look of the Royale, and has similar integrated bumper and lighting. The chassis and wheel base is also similar in size to the Royale and should offer the same degree of stability.

As with all scooters at this price the Strider offers high specification suspension, the rear suspension is oil damped and the front suspension duties are performed by coil springs, this combined with a high ground clearance ensures that the ST6 is comfortable on all but the roughest of terrain.  To dull any vibration that makes it through the suspension and the  15 inch air filled tires the Strider is equipped with an extremely plush 22″ captains chair with headrest and lumbar support. Driving position is fully customisable, the seat can be adjusted fore and aft and the tiller features pneumatically assisted adjustment.

Under the hood the Strider ST6 is an impressive piece of machinery; a 1000 watt motor running at 4,500 rpm give it a maximum carrying weight of 35.5 stone with a maxium safe slope of 9 degrees. The ST6 is powered by two 12 volt batteries with a combined output of 100 amp hours; charging is handled by a  15 amp off board charger. This give the Strider a stated range of  35 miles per charge.

As with any road-going scooters safety is a priority. The Strider comes equiped with an integrated safety belt. To ensure good visibility it is supplied with reflectors, front and rear lights and indicators, and hazard lights. In addition to the automatic electromagnetic motor brake the ST6 comes with an  emergency hand brake.

The Strider ST6 is clearly a scooter aimed at heavy users; if you regularly spend more than an hour at a time on your mobility scooter, or perhaps travel on uneven terrain the Days Strider ST6 could be the answer to your prayers.

Length 1600mm/63″
Width 720mm/28.4″
Height 1270mm/50″
Front Wheels 380mm/15″ split rim alloy wheels with pneumatic tires
Rear Wheels 380mm/15″ split rim alloy wheels with pneumatic tires
Speed 12.8KPH/8mph
Weight Capacity 226KG/35.5 stone
Ground Clearance 110mm/4.3″
Maximum Climbing Angle 9 degrees
Maximum Kerb 2.4″
Turning Radius 1860mm/73.2″
Suspension Adjustable independent coil spring suspension
Brake Electro-mechanical
Seat Upholstered adjustable swivel reclining seat with headrest
Seat width 559mm/22″
Motor 1000W 4300 r.p.m
Battery 2x 12V 100Ah
Battery Weight 68.5KG/151lbs
Heaviest Component 85.5KG/151lbs
Range 50km/31 miles
Charger 15A Off Board

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TGA Supersport Mobility Scooter

February 23, 2010

I have spoken(written) before about my favourite offroad scooter,  but here is another good write up on hubpages – the TGA Supersport. While it is not as fancy as some of the new eight mile an hour scooters around, like the TGA Vita or the NHC (Heartway) Royale it is most certainly one of the most purposeful and best made scooters ever produced. Many scooters claim to be able to handle off road terrain, but the TGA Supersport is one of the only designed specifically for it.

One shadow on the horizon though is that Afikim, the manufacturer of the Supersport have allegedly discontinued the standard model of the Supersport leaving the Supersport LTD or Black and Chrome as the basic model.

I sincerely hope that this isn’t a first step in discontinuing the Supersport as it is a mobility scooter that will be sorely missed.

Else where on hubpages another less glamorous scooter is getting the five hundred word treatment. This time it is the RMA Shoprider Sovereign.

In many ways the Shoprider Sovereign could be considered the anti-Supersport. The Supersport is an eight mile an hour class three scooter; the Sovereign is a four mile an hour class two. While the Supersport can be considered a legendary ground breaking scooter that opens up whole new worlds to those with mobility issues, the Sovereign is very much a traditional scooter. This is in no way a bad thing, it just makes it very hard for me to find anything to write about it. It’s red, and would suit someone who likes red. And not going on the road. That really is all I can say so I will say no more.

Pride Celebrity Alternatives

January 6, 2010

It is the end of an era; the Pride Celebrity XL8 is no more. The Celebrity has rightfully been one of the most popular mobility scooters on the market in the UK. Featuring full suspension, pneumatic tires and a full sized captain’s seat the XL8 was the answer to most consumers needs. What now for those looking for value and comfort in the eight mile an hour scooter market?

Drive Mercury Regatta 8

While not top of the Mercury range (that accolade goes to the Mercury
M48 GT) the Mercury Regatta 8 is in no way second best. Built to provide years of worry free use the Regatta is designed for easy use. Features include fully adjustable suspension both front and rear; a rotating admiral’s seat offering slide and recline facilities and twin rear view mirrors.

Maximum Speed : 8 mph
Number Of Wheels : 4
Weight Capacity : 25 stone
Batteries : 40 Amp
Battery Charger : Offboard charger
Front Tires : Pneumatic
Rear Tires : Pneumatic
Range Per Charge : 25.0 miles
Standard Seat : Admiral seat
Suspension : Yes
Vehicle Length : 57 inches

Days Strider Maxi 4

The Days Strider Maxi 4 is the flagship of the Days Medical scooter range and it has the features to match; excellent ride and comfort are provided by oil damped suspension and pneumatic tires both front and rear; the plush captain seat is fully adjustable; and the massive 70 amp/hour battery provides a maximum range of 35 miles from a single charge.

Maximum Speed : 8 mph
Number Of Wheels : 4
Weight Capacity : 31 stone
Batteries : 70 Amp
Battery Charger : Offboard charger
Front Tires : Pneumatic
Rear Tires : Pneumatic
Range Per Charge : 35.0 miles
Standard Seat : Two-tone captain seat
Suspension : Oil damped
Vehicle Length : 56 inches
Weight of the Heaviest Piece : 81.0 lbs

Roma Shoprider Cordoba

Like the Celebrity the Shoprider Cordoba is another 8 mph class 3 scooter that has stood the test of time. Fitted with a fully adjustable Captain seat with buttoned back which offers a great deal of comfort.

Fully independent suspension is fitted to the Shoprider Cordoba  as standard, and provides a smooth comfortable ride on most terrain. The Delta handle bar allows the scooter to be driven using either hand, and an additional handbrake is fitted as per legal requirements for class 3 scooters.

Maximum Speed : 8 mph
Number Of Wheels : 4
Weight Capacity : 35 stone
Batteries : 70 Amp
Battery Charger : Offboard Charger
Front Tires : Pneumatic
Rear Tires : Pneumatic
Range Per Charge : 35.0 miles
Standard Seat : Fully adjustable captains seat
Suspension : Yes
Vehicle Length : 56.0 inches

Sunrise Sterling Elite XS4

The Sunrise Medical Sterling Elite XS 4 Mobility Scooter is a road legal, 4 wheel, 8mph scooter, that has been designed for those who want to go on longer journeys, and offers the ultimate in ride comfort, performance and style. The Sunrise Medical Sterling Elite XS 4 disabled scooter gives you the independence you need.

Maximum Speed : 8.0 mph
Number Of Wheels : 4
Weight Capacity : 18.0 stone
Batteries : 74 Amp
Battery Charger : Offboard Charger
Front Tires : Pneumatic
Rear Tires : Pneumatic
Range Per Charge : 35.4 miles
Standard Seat : Fully adjustable sliding seat with extra lateral support.
Suspension : Yes
Vehicle Length : 54.0 inches
Weight of the Heaviest Piece : 152.0 lbs
Weight Without Batteries : 192.0 lbs